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Arabic  |  Al-ʿArabiyyah  |  alʕaraˈbijːa  |  العربية    

Arabic is the fifth most spoken language in the entire world. As a Semitic language, it first appeared back in the 1st century CE. As all other languages around the world, it has since experienced numerous changes and adaptations. Early forms of the Arabic language include Proto-Arabic, Old Arabic, Old Hijazi and Classical Arabic. 

Arabic is notably known as the language of the Islamic religion as well as the Koran. Throughout centuries it has had a linguistic impact on other numerous languages including English, Spanish, French and many others. Words like cotton, magazine and sherbet have their origin in the Arabic language. 

Native Speakers around the world: 310,000,000
Official language in 26 states
Arabic Alphabet
Direction: right to left
Style: cursive
Letters: 28
Arabic Numerals
Arabic MAC Keyboard

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Arabic PC Keyboard

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