Free Resources to Learn German Online

Here's a curated, comprehensive list of German language learning resources available online. Because every resource offers a variety of different contents, we are indicating whether a learning element is present or not by color-coding the entries. Black means the element is available on that specific platform whereas gray means it isn't. As an inclusion criteria, we have also looked at other factors such as content relevance, user friendliness and currentness. 


Is free content enough to learn a new language?

The short answer could be yes, however it might not be that easy. Most of the time, you will notice that the content available online for free might lack a feature or a crucial element that could prevent you from fully mastering a language or at least in an easy and straightforward way. The ones providing information about grammar might not teach you about pronunciation or writing skills, and so on. For this reason, free content could be better used as a complement or supporting resources to other more inclusive methods that could help you reach your goals in a more efficient way. We hope you find this list helpful.

How platforms are reviewed

Even though a remuneration of any kind is not the main purpose of this website, we do occasionally get commissions for purchases made through the links on our site. This is how we fund the Fluent Zebra project and it helps us deliver convenient and meaningful content every day. Read more here. We hope we can help you find your best fit. Happy research! 

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