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Cudoo - Quick Review

Go right to what matters without spending time reading lengthy articles online. Find out quickly whether this platform offers the features you care about and make an informed decision when picking your language learning resources.

When was Cudoo founded?


Where are Cudoo’s headquarters?

California, US

What does Cudoo look like inside?

What people like about Cudoo

  • Very inclusive and thorough with a large variety of learning topics.

  • You can learn at your own pace by accessing content from different levels.

  • Large variety of languages, many of which are hard to find in other platforms.

  • Certificates of completion are provided upon satisfactory completion of courses.

What people hate about Cudoo

  • Less popular languages might not have enough learning features.

  • Some users have reported spelling errors and glitches.

  • If you run into a problem, support might not be immediately available.

  • Cudoo does not have an app.

What makes Cudoo different?

  • Immense variety of languages to learn (more than 160)

  • Free learning program for non-profits, charities, and libraries.

  • Courses can be purchased by bundles.

  • If you are into it, Cudoo offers white-label reselling options for their courses.

How popular is Cudoo?

Monthly visitors: 103,700

See how it compares to other similar language learning platforms:

Language Learning Platforms - Approximate monthly visitors
Language Learning Platforms - Approximate monthly visitors

Who is Cudoo for?




What languages can you learn with Cudoo?

What platforms does Cudoo offer?

Cudoo can currently be accessed through their website. No apps are available at this time.

How much does Cudoo cost?




Life-time access



How does Cudoo's Best Daily Value compare to other platforms'?

Best Daily Value per Learning Platform
Best Daily Value per Learning Platform

* What is the best daily value? Best daily value is a metric to determine how expensive any given language resource is compared to others. It represents the daily cost of the least expensive plan available. For lifetime plans the value is calculated based on an estimated usage time frame set at 5 years as a mutual reference.

Does Cudoo offer a free trial?

Cudoo does not offer a free trial, however they do have a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Which features does Cudoo offer and which ones it doesn't?

What are they saying about Cudoo?

Cudoo platform score

Learning program

Features availability

Interface friendliness


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